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Anonymous: Hi there! I don't want to come knocking on your door like a Jehovah's witness or anything, but I know you're relatively tumblr famous and I really look up to you, here's the thing: the petition to get the white house to recognize nonbinary genders only has 2 days left. We're only halfway there and a boost from a blog like yours could really help! It takes 20 seconds to make an account and sign it. You don't have to be American and we would really appreciate if you could post it again.

yeah, hi, this one:

i don’t actually have that many followers, lol, but of course, every single signature helps, so if anyone following this blog haven’t signed the petition yet, you should do that before it’s too late.image

EDIT, old one didn’t get enough signatures, new petition to sign before april 20 here: